Ecological Aquaculture Course Bren School University of California Santa Barbara

Principles and Practices of Ecological Aquaculture: Concepts and Tools for the Evolution of the Blue Revolution

1 to 5 April 2013

Distinguished Scholar in Global Aquaculture, Latin American Fisheries Fellowship Program, Bren School of Environmental Science & Management, University of California, Santa Barbara

Barry A. Costa-Pierce 

Barry A. Costa-Pierce, Henry L. & Grace Doherty Chair of Marine Sciences and Director, Marine Science Education and Research Center UNIVERSITY OF NEW ENGLAND Office: (207) 602-2440; Cell: (207) 602-8311

This intensive course will introduce by lecture and in an interactive, group study fashion, the transdisciplinary study of the world’s aquaculture ecosystems. We will study the principles of ecology (natural and social ecology) as they relate to the ecological designs, structures, functions and social ecologies of integrated aquaculture farming ecosystems. We will use examples from the world’s major aquaculture species and discuss their history (and “her-story”), natural and social ecologies, current status, and futures. This course will include hours of interactive classroom and evening work by students in group studies.

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