Ecological Aquaculture Undergraduate Course

An undergraduate, 3 credit course in Ecological Aquaculture is currently held at the University of Rhode Island every two years (see 2011 course here).

The course introduces, in an interactive, group study fashion, the transdisciplinary study of the world’s aquaculture ecosystems to students. We study the principles of ecology (natural and social ecology, including political ecology) as they relate to the ecological designs, structures and functions of integrated aquaculture farming ecosystems for the world’s major aquaculture farming ecosystems (shrimp, tuna, tilapia, shellfish, salmon). We document their history (and “her-story”, gender issues are important!), status, and future as integrated farming ecosystems.

The course has three parts: lectures; student oral presentations; and intensive group studies (that linger both in and out of class) as we develop collaborative team projects.

The collaborative teams are called “SEATs” (Sustainable Ecological Aquaculture Teams), which are groups of students who work together, but each produces an individual Study & Review.

To date, 30 Ecological Aquaculture Studies & Reviews and 22 CREST Studies & Reviews are available (see them here).

Barry A. Costa-Pierce, Ph.D.

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