Solar Ecological Aquaculture Systems is involved in the continued development of aquaculture ecosystems that merge the use of renewable energy systems (wind, solar heating, solar electric, tidal and wave energy systems) with aquaculture.


Water, energy and land usage in aquaculture are all interactive. Reuse and cage aquaculture systems use less land and freshwater, but have higher energy and feed requirements with the exception of “no feed” cage and seawater (shellfish, seaweeds) systems. Currently, reuse and cage aquaculture systems perform poorly in overall life cycle or other sustainability assessments in comparison to pond systems. Use of alternative renewable energy systems and the mobilization of alternative (non-marine) feed sources could improve the sustainability of reuse and cage systems considerably in the next decade to 2050 (Costa-Pierce et al., 2012).



Costa-Pierce, B.A., D.M. Bartley, M. Hasan, F. Yusoff, S.J. Kaushik, K. Rana, D. Lemos, P. Bueno and A. Yakupitiyage. 2012. Responsible use of resources for sustainable aquaculture, p. 113-148. In: R.P. Subasinghe, J.R. Arthur, D.M. Bartley, S.S. De Silva, M. Halwart, N. Hishamunda, C.V. Mohan & P. Sorgeloos (Eds.). Farming the Waters for People and Food. Proceedings of the Global Conference on Aquaculture 2010, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Rome, and Network of Aquaculture Centers in Asia (NACA), Bangkok. 896 pp.

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