Ecological Aquaculture is a Pracademic

Ecological aquaculture is a transdisciplinary area of scholarship and practice – a “pracademic” – that combines the social-ecological wisdom of aquafarming and fishing peoples with the science knowledge of aquatic ecosystems to provide economic, environmental, and social profits from seafoods to Humanity. Ecological aquaculture is “team science” that develops social-ecological partnerships of scientists working with fishermen, farmers, and civil society.

See a You Tube by Olazul on “Ecological aquaculture with BCP”

View a lengthy lecture on Ecological Aquaculture by BCP

Ecological aquaculture is an “alternative path” that demonstrates profitable production but also for the multiple sources of social-ecological revenues possible from aquaculture ecosystems.

Ecological aquaculture incorporates the knowledge – and power – of ecological design, ecological engineering, and ecological approaches to governance – to implement and then evolve – more sustainable aquaculture businesses and family farms at the bioregional scale.

Ecological aquaculture not only produces high quality aquatic foods essential for human health and longevity but also produces innovations and knowledge to build the “culture of aquaculture”.

Can our fossilized, balkanized structures of academia work to develop innovative, multi-institutional, transdisciplinary scholarship meaningful enough to meet the challenges of a breath-takingly rapidly changing Ocean Planet?


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